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DC Functions
DC Functions

FUNCTIONS OF District Council.

73. District Councils.– A District Council shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to acquire and hold property and enter into any contract and may sue and be sued in its name.

74. Functions of Chairman.– (1) The Chairman of a District Council shall:

(a) ensure that the business of District Council is carried out strictly in accordance with this Act and other laws;

(b) ensure efficient, effective and transparent functioning of the District Council;

(c) ensure accomplishment of operational, developmental and financial objectives set by the District Council or the Government in accordance with provisions of this Act;

(d) present tax proposals to the District Council;

(e) present report on the performance of the local government to the District Council at least twice in a year;

(f) issue executive orders to the Chief Officer;

(g) represent the District Council at civic or ceremonial functions;

(h) exercise general supervision and control over officers of the District Council;

(i) guide and lead officers in achieving the goals and targets fixed by the District Council in an effective and efficient manner; and

(j) perform such other functions as the District Council may, by a general or special resolution, direct or as may be prescribed.

(2) The Chairman of a District Council shall, in relation to the above duties or for transaction of business of the District Council, exercise such powers as are conferred upon him by or under this Act or any other law.

75. 1[Omitted * * * *.]

76. Functions of District Council.– The District Council shall:

(a) approve bye-laws and taxes;

(b) approve annual budget of the District Council including supplementary budgetary proposals and long term and short term development plans;

(c) review the performance of all offices working for the District Council;

(d) review the performance report presented by the Chairman; and

(e) promote social counseling to inculcate civic and community spirit and motivate and galvanize the general public for compliance with municipal laws, rules and bye-laws.

77. Other functions of District Councils.– A District Council shall be responsible for performance of the following municipal functions:

(a) prevention and removal of encroachment on public ways, streets and properties;

(b) prevention of nuisance in public ways, streets and properties;

(c) regulation of dangerous and offensive articles and trades mentioned in Second Schedule;

(d) regulation or prohibition of the excavation of earth, sand, stones or other material;

(e) regulation or prohibition of the establishment of brick kilns, potteries and other kilns;

(f) to organize cattle fairs and cattle markets and regulation of sale of cattle and other animals;

(g) celebration of public festivals;

(h) assistance in provision of relief in the event of any fire, flood, hailstorm, earthquake, epidemic or other natural calamity and assisting relevant authorities in relief activities;

(i) provision of relief for the widows, orphans, poor, persons in distress and children and persons with disabilities;

(j) promotion of sports including sports for persons with disabilities.

(k) provision, improvement and maintenance of public ways and streets, public open spaces, graveyards, public gardens, playgrounds and farm to market roads;

(l) assisting Union Councils in provision and maintenance of rural water supply schemes and public sources of drinking water, including wells, water pumps, tanks, ponds and other works for the supply of water;

(m)construction of culverts, bridges and public buildings;

(n) control over land-use, spatial planning, land-subdivision, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including for agriculture, industry, commerce markets, shopping and other employment centers, residential, recreation, parks, entertainment, passenger and transport freight and transit stations;

(o) enforce all municipal laws, rules and bye-laws regulating its functioning;

(p) promote animal husbandry and dairy development;

(q) hold fairs and shows, promotion of public games and sports, celebration of national occasions; and

(r) undertake other development activities.


78. Structure.– 1[(1) The Chairman of a District Council shall be the executive head of the District Council.] [(1A) The Vice Chairman shall perform the functions of the Chairman when the Chairman is unable to perform his functions on account of absence or for any other reason.]

(2) The Chief Officer shall coordinate and facilitate the performance of functions assigned to the District Council under supervision of the Chairman.

79. Chief Officer.– (1) A Chief Officer shall be responsible for:

(a) coordination;

(b) human resource management;

(c) public relations;

(d) legal affairs; and

(e) emergency services.

(2) The Chief Officer, in carrying out his functions, shall:

(a) supervise and coordinate all offices of the District Council responsible for the provision of municipal services;

(b) prepare a report on the planning and implementation of development plans of the local government for presentation to the house of the local government in its annual budget session;

(c) ensure that the business of the local government is carried out in accordance with law;

(d) ensure implementation of environmental and social safeguards;

(e) effect procurements, as prescribed, in accordance with law; and

(f) take action against violators of this Act, rules or bye-laws.

80. Offices of District Council.– The Government may, in the prescribed manner, issue a schedule of establishment for a District Council and such schedule may include planning, finance, municipal regulation and municipal infrastructure offices.

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