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For the facilitation of Christian community, Municipal Corporation Jhang has installed Christian Bazar in Christian Colony and Churches.  In Christian Bazar useable commodities shall be available on subsidized rates.


In pursuance of Govt. of the Punjab, LG&CD Department vide letter No. C&GP/AE/109/2018 dated 26.09.2018, regarding Clean & Green Punjab campaign and Anti Encroachment Drive which was under process. Municipal Committee, Jhang retrieved 44 kanal state land amounting to Rs. 166.00 million. Moreover Rs. 4.00 million fine has also been imposed to the encroachers/violators.

Further to enhance the campaign & in pursuance of Govt. of the Punjab LG&CD Department letter No. C&GP/FP-SU-LG&CD/1-9/2018 dated 11.10.2018 M.C. Jhang arranged an awareness seminar in District Council, Jhang in which a large number of general public and officials participated. Seminar was held under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Jhang.  The Speakers highlighted the aim and objective of importance of cleanliness and Tree Plantation.

After closing of ceremony awareness walk from District Council Jhang to Circuit House Jhang was carried out, highlighting the importance of Cleanliness and Trees. Deputy Commissioner, Jhang on this occasion inaugurated the cleanliness and Tree Plantation campaign by planting a tree in Majeed Amjad Park Jhang Saddar.

Sheikh Nawaz Akram, Chairman, M.C.Jhang along with others MC staff have a meeting with License Holders and Representatives of  walk of life for arrangement of Muharram-ul-Haram 2017.  

At this occasion proposals /complaints were put forth and the Chairman assured that their grievance shall be resolved well start of event. He further informed that MC has already floated a Tender Notice in national press for execution of various development /patch works etc. at Muharram Routes. At this occasion lunch was also served to the participants.

In pursuance of Government instructions issued time to time that all sacrificial animal waste have been lifted from the city and dumped into deep trenches at various points. Further certified that trenches have been covered with soil, water sprinkling have been made and lime stone has also been spread over the trenches to avoid any bad smell emanate from these thatches of waste.

On the eve of upcoming of Eid-ul-Azha 2017, M.C.Jhang has prepared a comprehensive sanitation/ contingency plan to remove the waste of sacrificial animals from the city. M.C.Jhang has earmarked at prominent places where from wastage of animals shall collected by newly purchased Loader Rickshaws and Tractor Trolleys and shall be dumped at dumping points.

For the betterment, facilitate the general public and increase the efficiency of institution, M.C. Jhang has introduced Biometric attendance system w.e.f. 28.08.2017, which is in functional and its working is satisfactory.

Mr. Zahid Karim Additional Director, (I&S) along with Mr. Naeem Hanif Assistant Director (Estb) Punjab Local Government Board, Lahore a schedule to visit MC Jhang on 21.10.2016 for scrutiny of deployment plan of Faisalabad Division and to conduct suitability test of sanitary workers in the light of directions of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan for regularization of employees and to check whether the candidate is fit for work as sanitary worker, sewer man etc.

A Team of Doctors Health Mobile Services of DHQ Hospital Jhang, consisting of Dr. Abdul Aziz Asim, Physician Dr. Muhammad Altaf, Skin Specialist along with para medical staff visited MC Jhang on 22-09-2016 for the health care of staff of MC.

Doctors medically checked up the staff &  prescribed the medicines  which were given without any cost. At this occasion skin problems of sanitation staff were particularly discussed by the skin specialist. A large number of officials benefited from this facility and thanked Almighty Allah & District Coordination Officer, Jhang. 

For the protection of environment and human health on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha, MC Jhang made fool proof arrangements for effective & efficient collection and disposal of animals waste. On this occasion MC Jhang has already formulated a special & comprehensive contingency plan for collection, disposal and dumping of sacrificial animals waste.

Due to this, Environment and city remained neat & clean during the Eid's Days. All waste material have been dumped at TIBBA REGISTAN Jhang City after digging deep & large trenches.

Mr. Muhammad Roauf ,TMO,MC Jhang along with ch : Muhammad Aslam, TO(I&S),syed Mukhtar, Chief Officer (HQ)/TO(R) held and meeting on today i.e. 10-9-2016 with sanitation staff to discuss the contingency plan of EID-UL-AZHA 2016. At this Occasion he informed that no leave is allowed to any sanitation staff. All kind of leaves during the EID days has been banned. He ordered that all sanitation staff must be present on their places of duties.

A Team of Doctors Health Mobile Services of DHQ Hospital Jhang, consisting of Dr. Abdul Aziz Asim, Physician Dr. Muhammad Altaf, Skin Specialist along with para medical staff visited MC Jhang on 08-09-2016 for the health care of staff of MC.

Doctors medically checked up the staff &  prescribed the medicines  which were given without any cost. At this occasion skin problems of sanitation staff were particularly discussed by the skin specialist. A large number of officials benefited from this facility and thanked Almighty Allah & District Coordination Officer, Jhang. 

Nation is observing Defence Day on 6th September,2016 with national enthusiasm & zeal. The day broke in MC's mosque with prayers for solidarity and prosperity of the country with the aim that Muslims of the Pakistan shall not leave any stone unturned to achieve the defence of Pakistan.

Eid-ul-Azha is sacred festival of the Muslims all over the world, which is approaching fast and is expected to be started on 4th September 2016. It is our moral and religious duty to maintain the sanctity of the event.

To celebrate the event, MC Jhang has prepared  a comprehensive Sanitation/Contingency Plan. Sales points for the sale & purchase of sacrificial animals have been established where staff has been deputed. These sale points shall work round the clock, where NO FEE shall be charged for the sale and purchase of sacrificial animals. At these sale points sufficient arrangements have been made for sanitation for the general public and sellers/purchasers.

On Eid-ul-Azha Days Officers along with subordinate staff shall perform duty for the early disposal of waste material of sacrificial animals and their proper dumping, to keep the sity neat & clean.

for collection of sacrificial animals waste MC Jhang has designated temporary collecting points where from waste material shall be collected and dumped in Tibba Registan behind Nawaz Sharif Park Jhang City  after digging deep and large trenches.

Sprinkling of water and marking /spreading of lime stone shall also be made. Chief Officer (HQ) MC Jhang himself directly monitor the activities.

Mr. Naseem Sadiq, Secretary, Livestock, Govt. of the Punjab visited Jhang on 04.09.2016   in connection with shifting of vegetable & Fruits Market, Jhang, on this occasion  Mr. Aman Ullah Ghazi, District Coordination Officer,Jhang ,Mr. Muhammad AwaisMalik, Additional District Collector/Chairman, MC  Jhang,  Mr. Muhammad Raouf, Tehsil Municipal Officer, Ch. Muhammad Aslam, Tehsil Officer (I&S) Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah, Chief Officer(HQ) MC Jhang and other Officers /officials were present. The worthy Secretary also take a view of the city regarding cleanliness and appreciated the efforts made by MC administration for the welfare and cleanliness.

The worthy Chairman, MC Jhang have a meeting with the sanitation staff on 02.09.2016, on this occasion TMO, TO(I&S) CO(HQ) along with all sanitation staff, i.e. Sanitary Inspectors, sanitary Mates were present. Mutual problems faced to sanitation staff were also discussed in detail. The Chairman, ensured that their problems/issues shall be redressed. He directed the CO(HQ) to take up the cleanliness issues on top priority basis and no stone be left unturned to achieve the goal.

Mr. Muhammad Awais Malik, Chairman, MC Jhang took a meeting with Anjuman Tajran Jhang on 03.09.2016, on this occasion all representatives of all Bzars were present. They discussed their  mutual problems with MC Jhang i.e. Encroachments and Cleanliness.

Municipal Committee, Jhang has constituted Special Teams for Jhang Saddar, Jhang City & Satellite Town Jhang (Municipal Limit) under the supervision of Chief Officer (HQ) MC Jhang for Destruction of Stray Dogs. Destruction of Stray Dogs Campaign is in progress. 4 No. stray dogs have been killed (Pictorial evidence attached).

Municipal Committee, Jhang has constituted Special Teams for Jhang Saddar, Jhang City & Satellite Town Jhang (Municipal Limit) under the supervision of Chief Officer (HQ) MC Jhang for Destruction of Stray Dogs.

14 August  the Independence Day celebrated by Pakistanis Nation with National zeal and enthusiasm on this auspicious occasion. A special programme was arranged  by MC Jhang to honour the day. Flag hosting  ceremony and National Anthem  was played.

 The Independence Day  Was also celebrated by MC Jhang with national zeal in Enthusiasm.

 A special programme to honour the day Was arranged  by MC Jhang. Flag hosting  ceremony in National Anthem  was played.

MC building and other prominent Places, Monument were illuminated by color full lights.

At This Occasions to Chadar Poshi was made by MC Jhang at grave of Shohadah at Noor Masjid Shaheed Road Jhang Saddar Salute the Martyr to Independence.

To observe for solidarity with Kashmiri brothers, MC Jhang is also celebrating Kashmir Solidarity Day today. At this occasion a seminar shall be held in Allama Iqbal Hall, MC Jhang. Officers/officials and other general public shall participate in the said seminar.

For the betterment and  cleanliness of the city, MC Jhang has started a special cleanliness campaign. In this regard 4 teams have constituted headed by the worthy Chairman, MC Jhang, Assistant Commissioner, Jhang, General Assistant Revenue, Jhang and Secretary, DRTA, Jhang  are coordinators of cleanliness squad. The Chairman, MC Jhang have also have a meeting with sanitation staff and personally checked each sanitary worker .early in the morning i.e. 05:00 a.m. on 19.07.2016. After then he inaugurated the cleanliness campaign. At this occasion Officers of MC, Syed Najaf Ali, TMO, Ch. Muhammad Aslam, TO(I&S), Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah, TO(R )/Chief Officer and Ch. Muhammad Rasheed Chief Sanitary Inspector were also present at this occasion

In pursuance of Government instructions Sanitation Week Started on 27.04.2015. Mr. Nadir Chatha District Coordination Officer Jhang along with Chairman MC Jhang inaugurated The Sanitation Week at Session Chowk Jhang. At this occasion Additional District Collector /Chairman ,TMO and all Tehsil Officers of MC Jhang and other Officers of District Jhang were present.

On this occasion D.C.O Jhang in this Address advised all concerned to do the work whole heartedly and not leave any stone unturned to achieve the goal.  

MC Jhang has  scheduled cleanliness programme  which is effected from 05.08.2014 . City has been divided into 3 Sectors, each sector is headed by Tehsil Officer, while Tehsil Municipal Officer shall generally  look after / supervise the whole city. Public is also requested to cooperate with cleanliness squad so that city may be looked clean & neat.


The Commissioner, Faisalabad Division Faisalabad on 6.7.2014 visited the Remzan Bazar of Jhang. He appreciated the performance of Ramzan Bazar and awarded excellence of Bashir chowk Satellite Town  Jhang Ramzan Bazar.


Mr. Yousaf Tahir Khalil Minister for Minority Affairs visited the Ramzan Bazar and appreciated the efforts /performance  of MC Jhang. on this occasion he also listen the problems of general public and ordered on spot to redress them. He also added that Government performance  for conduct of Ramzan Bazar is a positive change for the uplift of needy and poor sect  of general public.


For the assistance of IDPs deposit your donation in Army Relief Fund for IDPs Account No.0028-010121825-8 Askari Bank Ltd"GHQ, Branch Rawalpindi.

Donation also be deposited in the shape of Cheque /Draft at Agricultural University Faisalabad for further information kindly contact on 041-2601493.


In compliance of Govt. orders No. SO. Estate (LG) 2-2/2011 LG&CD Department, Lahore dated 22.5.2014, MC Jhang has established 3 Nos. Ramzan Bazars:

1- Ramzan Bazar Tehsil Road jhang Saddar.

2- Ramzan Bazar Bashir Chowk Satellite Town Jhang.

3- Ramzan Bazar 18-Hazari.

Ramzan Bazars are in operation since 25.6.2014, in Ramzan Bazar General Public are being purchased all kind of essential commodities on retail prices. All Bazars have been established at the heart of city for easy access to every one. Stalls have been established on :Tables,

proper Tentage arrangement has been made.

Sufficient sanitary workers have been deployed for cleanliness.

Toilets facilities have been provided.

Sitting arrangement for Ladies and old people have been made.

CCTV Cameras have also been installed.


In pursuance of Govt. letter No. AO(Dev.) /2014 dated 13.6.2014,MC Jhang has established Cattle Market Malhuana More at Adda Doli Shaheed, started form 1st. July, 2014 & will be made functional for 1st. 6th day of each month throughout  the year.

MC Jhang has made all  necessary arrangement for conduct of Cattle Market at Adda Doli Shaheed.

Sufficient staff has been deployed for proper conduct of Cattle market.

it is pertinent to mention here that no Fee / Tax shall be levied on sale/purchase of animals.

complaint cell has also been established at Cattle Market.


MC Jhang is going to open Tenders of 512 Dev. Schemes on 29.5.2014 in which a large number of registered Govt. contractors shall participate. Healthy competition is expected and the work orders shall be issued to the successful contractors after fulfilling all codal formalities.


MC Jhang auctioned the following leases on 27.5.2014:

1.Tibba Registan:Rs.1514000/-

2.Latrine Fawara chowk Rs.63000/- No.47 Kotwali Rd. Rs.2750/-


The Municipal Committee, Jhang is going to auction its rights of collection of various Taxes / Fees on 27.05.2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the Allama Iqbal Hall MC Jhang.

The Nation is observing Iqbal Day today i.e. 21.4.2014 with national enthusiasm and zeal. On this eve special prayers for the solidarity of nation shall be offered.

The Christian Borthers  celebrated the Easter on Sunday 20.4.2014.

The Director General Punjab Emergency Services Rescue 1122 has arranged a walk for celebration World Earth on 22.4.2014. Walk will start from DCO Office Jhang to Ayub chowk Jhang in which noteable representatives and public shall participate. MC Jhang has made a special arrangements on this occasion.


Ch. Zamir-ul-Hassan assumed the charge of the post of Chief Officer (HQ) & CO Unit (Bagh) MC Jhang on 18.4.2014.


To eradicate the dengue fever danger an anti dengue spray campaign by MC Jhang is in progress.


In compliance of Govt. orders contained in Memo No.SOR(LG)5-22/2003 dated 7.4.2014 a campaign agaist wall chalking is launched by MC Jhang which is on progress on permanent basis.


The people of Jhang whole heartedly welcome  the posting of Rana Mehboob Alam as Tehsil Municipal Officer, MC Jhang.


Rana Mehboob Alam assumed the charge of the post of Tehsil Municipal Officer, MC Jhang on 8.4.2014. In his message TMO said that he will leave no stone unturned for the betterment of Jhang. he directed the staff to be punctual and work whole heartedly. He further said that in case  of any laps /negligence stern legal action shall be taken against the delinquents.


Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, assumed the charge of the post of TO(I&S) MC Jhang on 7.4.2014 while Mr. Tariq Munir Ahmad TO(I&S) MC Jhang stands transferred to report in Punjab Local Govt. Board, Lahore.

Mrs. Shareen Newton assumed the charge of the post of TO(P&C) on 7.4.2014(Additional Charge) which was lying vacant since long.


The Nation observed the Republic Day on 23rd March 2014 with national enthusiasm & Zeal. special prayer for prosperity and solidarity for the country.


Mr.Muhammad Rauof Gujjar, Tehsil Officer (Finance) MC Jhang has assumed the charge of the post of Tehsil Municipal Officer, MC Jhang on 24.02.2014.


In compliance with the Govt. Orders MC Jhang celebrated  Youth Festival w.e.f. 19.01.2014 to 26.01.2014. Tournaments of different events were conducted. Prizes Distribution ceremony took placed on 3.2.2014 in which Chief Guest worthy DCO Jhang distributed the prizes to the winners.


MC Jhang is celebrating Kashmir Day   on 5th February 2014. MC Jhang will display banners with slogans expressing solidarity with struggle of Kashmiries for independence.


MC Jhang is celebrating of Eid Melad-un-Nabi 2014 with zeal and enthusiasm. MC has prepared comprehensive contingency plan for safe passage of processions and rallies. All encroachments have been removed, water is being sprinkling in the city, cleanliness has been made. A control cell having No. 047-920015 - 16 at Fire brigade has been established under the supervisions of Chief Sanitary Inspector. Office Building shall be illuminated with colorful lights. In MC Mosque the day will break with the recitation and prayers for prosperity of Muslim Ummah and Unity . MC conveyed to whole Pakistani Nation on this sacred event. 


The Municipal Committee, Jhang is going to auction its rights of collection of various Taxes / Fees on 02.01.2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the Allama Iqbal Hall MC Jhang.


Mr. Shahid Iqbal,TMO MC Jhang has assumed the charge of the post, visited the city and ordered to CO(HQ) and sanitary staff that no stone be left unturned to make city clean.  During his visit he has paid special attention to Imam Bargahs where Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) is to be observed.


MC Jhang has chalked out a comprehensive plan for Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) which is being observed on 24.12.2013. all routes have been cleared. Encroachments have been removed. sprinkling of water is being made on regular basis.


Raja Khurram Shahzad has assumed the charge of the District Coordination Officer, Jhang. MC Jhang welcome to the worthy DCO,Jhang.


Nation is being being observed 137 Birth Anniversary of Quid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah father of nation on 25th December,2013. The office building shall be illuminated in well manner.


Christian community is being observed ChrisMCs Day on 25th December,2013. MC congratulated the Christian community on the eve of ChrisMCs day. 


Mr. Shahid Iqbal has assumed the charge of the post of TMO, MC Jhang on 17.12.2013, his predecessor Mr. Muhammad Anwar Beg, has been transferred to Punjab Local Govt. Borad, Lahore.

Mr. Shahid Iqbal TMO MC Jhang took a Meeting with Officers/officials of MC Jhang and directed them   that they should not leave no stone turned for the betterment of MC and general public.


MC Jhang is going to open Tenders of development works on 14.12.2013 in MC Jhang.


A susta Bazar at Fawara Chwok Tehsil Road, Jhang Saddar has been established by MC Jhang. Susta Bazar will be operational from Dawn to Dusk. Mr. Muhammad Tariq, Chief Officer (HQ) MC Jhang shall be Focal Person and will remain in Susta Bazar from Dawn to Dusk.

A Shooting Volley Ball Tournament is being held  w.e.f. 29.11.2013 to 01.12.2013 in Shafqat Shaheed Sports Ground Jhang Saddar by MC Jhang in which famous Teams throughout the country are participating.
On this occasion necessary security arrangements in &  around Shafqat Shaheed  Sports Ground for security of participating teams and general public have been made.
it is worth mentioning here that Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination, will be on official visit at Shafqat Shaheed Sports Ground Jhang on Ist. December 2013 and shall distribute prizes to the participants.
Shooting Volley Ball Tournament held by the efforts of MC Jhang in Shafqat Shaheed Sports Ground Jhang Saddar Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada Federal Ministers for Inter Provincial Coordination Distributed the prizes amongst the participants /wining Teams on 01.12.2013.
MC Jhang is going to auction of collection rights of various heads of income on 2.12.013 at 10:00 a.m. in Allama Iqbal Hall MC Jhang. Further MC Jhang is being opened tenders of different development works on 4.12.013. The District Coordination Officer, Jhang shall supervise the auction process.
In compliance of Govt. order MC Jhang has launched anti wall chalking campaign immediately.
District Administration Jhang has appreciated MC Jhang efforts for safe and smooth processions of Muharram ul Haram 2013. This was also appreciated by general public.
MC Jhang is going to open 110 Tenders of development works on 2 1.11.2013.
District Administration appreciated MC Jhang efforts for safe and sound passage of 6th Muharram procession in Jhang Saddar.
Nation observed the 136 Birth Anniversary of great Philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal with national enthusiasm & zeal. Day started in MC Mosque with Holy Quran recitation and prayers.  
MC Jhang has made arrangements for safe passing of 7th  Muharram ul Haram procession. The Procession starts from Imambargah  Muhajreen and ends Imambargah Qadeemi Tanga Addar  Jhang City, after  passing trhough Nsir chowk, Bab e Umar, Thana City Jhang.
MC Jhang has made arrangements for safe passing of 6th  Muharram ul Haram procession  Jhang Saddar.
The Commissioner, Faisalabad Division Faisalabad Sardar Akram Javed, while addressing a high level Meeting Muharram ul Haram arrangement in office of DCO Jhang has said that foolproof security arrangements have been adopted for Muharram. He showed complete satisfaction over Muharram arrangements by the District Administration and MC Jhang for the security of  Muharram Processions and  Majalis.
The MC Jhang has chalked out a plan for maintaining cleanliness in the city during Muharram. The  cleanliness plan was discussed by ADC Haroon Rashid during a press briefing on thus day. He said special arrangements had been made to keep all mosques, Imambargahs and places of Majalis clean and tidy. He said, "We have made arrangements for cleaning of Zuljinah and processions routes from Muharram t to 10 ". He said necessary orders had been passed to the TMO and TO(I&S) that all the repair work of streetlights and roads should be completed till  Muharram 5. He said encroachments would be removed from the routes of the processions. He said the MC chief officer had been directed to review sanitation arrangements. he said holidays falling in first 10 days of Muharram had been called off for field sanitation and controlling officers and TMO will remain in filed to supervise the field teams.

MC Jhang has made arrangements for safe passing of 5th  Muharram ul Haram procession from Musa chowk to Imambargah shah -e- Najaf Satellite Town Jhang.
During Eid-ul-Azha days MC Jhang Sanitation Staff continuously performed duties in field and removed all sacrificial animal waste. City is seeing neat and clean. District Administration Jhang appreciated MC efforts for their contribution to keep the city neat and clean and provide health atmosphere to the citizen of Jhang.
MC Jhang is going to open Quotations on 4.11.2013 for arrangements of Muharram ul Harram 2013. Further MC Jhang intends to hold Sports Gala Festival which shall start from 29. November 2013 to Ist. December,2013.
MC Jhang is going to observe an anti Dengue Day on 03.11.2013 (Sunday) for awareness of general public.
In compliance of Govt. instructions MC Jhang is making all out efforts to control menace of Dengue. In this connection an anti dengue day was observed on November 3rd 2013 (Sunday). The following activities were held:
1. Seminar was conducted in MC Hall in which speakers threw light about eradication of Dengue Fever and adoption of safety measures.
2.  A Walk from MC Office to Rail Bazar chowk was also held in which MC staff and a large number of people participated.
3.  Pamphlets, Flexes and Banners were displayed on prominent places of city.
it is worth mention to here that a Control Cell having telephone No.047 9200416 is already in operation.
Further roofs of office premises, Graveyards, Nursery, Junkyards were inspected, cleaned  and sprayed.
MC Jhang for forthcoming Muharram ul Haram 2013 has prepared a comprehensive contingency plan. The salient features are as under:
1  Cleanliness of the city is being made on emergent basis.
2   Street light arrangement in city especially on the Muharram routes Imambargahs, Mosques are updated.
3.  ADP work is being completed on emergent basis.
4.   Manhole covers, Gully Gratings and patch work etc. are being completed on priority basis.
5.   Heaps of garbage from city especially Muharram routes have been removed.
6.  Debris/Malbas etc. have been removed from Muharram routes.
7.   Sprinkling of water is being made in the city.
8.    Lal Keri has been spread over Muharram routes where necessary.
9.   All MC Machinery and Disposal Works are in operational condition.
10.   An Anti Encroachment Campaign is in progress.
11.   MC Maps have been prepared.
12.    A central Control Cell having telephone No. 047-9200415-16 has established at Fire Brigade MC Jhang which is working round the clock from Ist. to 10th Muharram ul Haram.
In  compliance of DCO Jhang Orders vide No. 19/HC(Coord) dated 6.11.2013, MC Jhang has launched a especial Wall Chalking Campaign and removal of all kind of Banners which may create religious unrest in city.
For forthcoming Muharram ul Haram 2013 MC has banned all kind of leaves to Officers/Officials.
MC Jhang is going to celebrate the Birth anniversary of Great Philosopher Allam Muhammad Iqbal on 9th November,2013 with full national enthusiasm and zeal.

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