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Economic Activities in the City:

Sugar, Cotton and Wool are the major industries of the district. There are about 44 large industrial units in the district including four sugar mills, 9 textile units, one Government woolen cum training centre, 7 woolen units when other large units include chemical food products and engineering work etc. There are 1967 small industrial units in the district. Jhang is a great market of raw wool, wool work, wood carving, copper in laid work, furniture & masonry.

Business activities in District Jhang have picked up considerably in the recent past. Businesses have experienced an increase in return and Businessmen have found some good investing opportunities. Jhang is advantageous in for various type of businesses. Land is cheap, skilled labour is cheap and opportunities are wide open. Here you may find milk plants and sugar mills, textile mills etc. Shakarganj Mills Ltd, Ramzan Sugar Mill, Lalian Sugar Mill etc.

Present set up of industrial development is appended below:

Sr. No.

Major Industries



Sugar Mills



Cotton & Textile Mills



Woolen Units



Small Industrial Units


Traditional Crops (Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane):

There are generally two crops in a year, Rabi and Kharif. Rabi crop is followed by Kharif crop. This system is locally known as "Harri" and "Sawani". Sugarcane, Cotton, Wheat, Bajra, Maize and Rice are the common Rabi and Kharif crops. Rice and Wheat are grown all over the district, usually. Maize is the staple Kharif crop; potato cultivation has also made considerable progress. Vegetables and Fruits approximately of all kinds are also grown throughout the district. The main Rabi crops are wheat and barley, while maize and bajra are grown as Kharif crops. Due to favourable conditions for agriculture, people of this district do take interest in crop husbandry. The main fruits are Mango, Orange and Lemon.



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