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Sarai Alamgir is one of the three tehsils of district Gujrat. It spreads over an area of 575 square kilometres with a population of 175, 288 (as per DCR 1998).

Sarai Alamgir is located in the south of Jhelum city across the river Jhelum. To the west of Sarai is the Bhimber city and in south is Lalamusa.

Sarai Alamgir was raised to the level of Municipal Committee in 1976. After the implementation of Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001, it was given the status of MC.







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People of Sarai Alamgir will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities relating to MC at their doorstep....

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Government of Punjab has established new local government system under the Punjab Local
Government Act (PLGA) 2013 after dissolving PLGO 2001. The Chairman and Vice Chairman
have joined their offices and new local government system has started functioning.
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