Municipal Committee Shorkot


Shorkot city has a rich history. The mound of Shorkot though now of little importance, is of antiquity. The mound appears to have been the citadel of an old town. It is said that this town was destroyed by some raiders about 1300 years ago.


It is learnt that it was built many times in history which raised its elevation even up to 200 ft above ground level. The elevated ruins even exist now called as “Bhirr” in local language and it spreads at about 8 acres. Coins of the reign of Ashoka (a Hindu Emperor) were found from this mound. The existing town has now grown up in East, South and North of this hump.


Shorkot is also known by Hazrat Sultan Bahu, a great scholar and sufi poet. He was born in Shorkot in 1039 Hijri. He had written in Urdu, Persian and Punjabi. It is said that he has written 140 books. An annual Urs in the month of January is held in which thousands of people from far flung places came to pay homage to this great saint.


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