Municipal Committee Taunsa Sharif

Taunsa Sharif is a Tehsil (subdivision) of Dera Ghazi Khan District. The town contains important Sufi shrines, the most notable is that of Hazrat Muhammad Suleman Taunsvi

 The Taunsa is bounded on the north by Dera Ghazi Khan district and its adjoining Tribal Area, on the Northwest by Fort Monoro and Musa Khel and Barkhan districts of Baluchistan Province, on the south by Rajanpur and on the east by Muzaffargarh and Leiah separating the latter two districts by river Indus.

Taunsa Sharif is located on the Karachi-Peshawar Highway, which is also known as Indus High Way, it is approximately 975 kilometres (606 mi) from Karachi and 450 kilometres (280 mi) from Lahore. Taunsa is also the location of one of the headworks on the Indus River called, Taunsa Barrage located several kilometres south of Taunsa city.taunsa is linked by 4 provance.

Taunsa Sharif, tehsil of D.G.KHAN has 90% literacy rate in Pakistan. The local speak derawali, Chhachi and Majhi dialects of Punjabi Language, the city itself contains a range of ethnic groups,in the city most popular and old families are Chacha Pathan's and Bhutta family,the old mohalla's are mohalah Chachan wala, bhutan wala, sakhani, khwajgan, city is the adjacent towns and rural areas in the Tehsil are primarily occupied by Baloch tribes including the chandio, Nutkani, Khosa Baloch, Sakhani, [kalati Baloch] Qaisrani, Buzdar, Nasuha, Malghani, Khetran, Makhdoom and Kulachi. Most of the above mentioned tribes including Nasuha and Malghani are part of the Nutkani tribe. Qaisrani is the largest tribe of Tausa Sharif.


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