Tehsil Municipal Administration Renala Khurd

Renala Khurd city was established in 1914. Before that time, Mughal king Akbar along with his son Saleem and the royal entourage stayed in Dipalpur and passed through this region to pay homage to saint Hazrat Farid Ganj Shakar in 1578. Akbar named the corridor as 'Bari Doab' by combining the syllables of the names of two rivers, Beas and Ravi, that bounded the belt.

      Renala Khurd is a growing city of Okara District in the north east of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city is the headquarters of Renala Khurd Tehsil - an administrative subdivision of the district. Its approximate height above sea level is about 570 feet (173 m). It is located at 3052'60N 7335'60E[2] and is about 117 km from Lahore and 10 km from the district capital Okara city towards south-west of Lahore on national highway (GT Road) and on Lahore Karachi main railway line.

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