Tehsil Municipal Administration Shorkot

Shorkot, the headquarter of the TMA Shorkot is at a distance of 60 km towards south of Jhang city connected by a metalled road. It is one of the four TMAs of Jhang district. Other TMAs are Ahmad Pur Sial, Chiniot and Jhang.


The name of Shorkot emerged from the word SHOR. It is a Urdu word meaning salinity and water logging. The area of Shorkot was severely suffering from these problems but now due to lowering of water table and improved farm practices, these problems are reduced to many extents and at this time Shorkot tehsil is the biggest wheat growing tehsil of Jhang district.


Shorkot Tehsil was formed in 1861 with Shorkot town as Tehsil Headquarter, under the administrative control of Jhang district. Whereas the Town Committee of Shorkot was formed in 1922. After the implementation of Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001, it was given the status of TMA. Shorkot Tehsil spreads over an area of 2,013 square kilometres with a population of 670,255 (as per DCR 1998). The TMA comprises 16 Union Councils (15-Rural, 01-Urban) with only one CO unit namely Shorkot. Ahmad Pur Sial, situated across the river Chenab, used to be an urban locality of TMA Shorkot but in July 2006 it was given the status of a TMA and separated from TMA Shorkot.


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People of Shorkot will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep....

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World bank team and PMDFC will visit TMA Shorkot in November 2007
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